Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I wrote this in high school, but I still love it. Scares the hell out of me that I'll have teenage children in a few years.

It all started the last time I didn't feel anything. I thought I was numb, but I was really just coming to life. Then came the pain, the slowness, and it crawled through me like a diseased heartbeat, making its way down through me in my bloodstream.

I tripped into rigor mortis like a mud puddle and tried to stay in bed, but I thought 'walk it off, walk it off' like an idiot and I lost most of my toes when they snapped off on the sidewalk.

Decomposition started soon after, biting at my fingers, chin and nose, turning my skin livid violet. Lay down and feel it, I did. Sat in it. Rolled in it. Let it chew on me with dusty musty baby teeth until, one day (blue and bloated) I fell apart at the seams.

My mother told me I was becoming so developed and mature, right before her lower jaw fell off and gassy yellow boils broke out across her left cheek.