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Getting Published the Slow and Painful Way

Ten years ago, I did a thing. I wrote a book. I decided to get it published and live happily ever after. If you’re shaking your head or laughing at me by now, you probably know what I’m about to say. I wish I could tell you I emailed my story to an agent who immediately offered to represent me and landed a million dollar deal with a big name publisher within a week and the movie will be in theaters next year. Heck, I wish I could tell you I got an agent, a publishing deal, and my book is available nationwide right this moment. That's not what happened. Not even close. The truth is, it took three years to get an agent for that book and nothing happened. A year later, I signed on with a different agent and still nothing happened. I wrote a second manuscript and we started over with submissions to editors. Life threw me a couple of vicious curve balls and I had to shift my focus away from writing for a few years. Things crumbled down around me and I hit a low point that I never

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