Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pen Pals

I met this fabulous girl on Twitter. The progression of our relationship has all been very smooth and natural; she tweeted a roll call of who was writing one night and I joined her Write Through The Pain hashtag (if you don't know about hashtags, go to Twitter now and tweet #imaloser), and before you know it, she's reading my sacred WIP and I'm writing her a crazy short story about her freakshow boss. It's love, I'm telling you.

Backing up, this girl is under the oppression of BOSS COWBOY; a man with a reputation so big his name must be spelled entirely in capital letters. Their hilariously dysfunctional relationship is coming to an end soon so that Bria can go become a famous author back in Boston. In celebration (or loathing?) of the friction (flirting?) between them, Bria offered a prize for the best 500 word BOSS COWBOY story. The prize? A mug bearing a startling likeness of BC himself. I had to have it. You can read my entry here or you can just look at this picture of me freaking out over my prize for winning the contest. Or both. Whatever.

Where did this fantabulous mug come from, you ask? Well, part of becoming a famous author is research and development of the writer herself. Bria is hocking all kinds of nifty writerly items in a Romance Yardsale to fund a trip to Nashville for the RWA National Conference (or convention, I have no idea). Why do I care if she furthers herself as a writer and creates stronger competition- I mean more a more talented peer- in the YA industry? Because I live 90 miles from Nashville and will get to hang with her IN PERSON after hours when she's at the conference.

The mug is made of so much win that I simply must have more Romance Yardsale booty; much, much more. Thankfully Bria is dangling more freebies over our heads at the risk of spending more money than she'll earn. If you're dying to put your lips on your very own BOSS COWBOY mug, check out the Romance Yardsale and enter the drawing for one free item of your choice. To help you get started, here's my pick:
Go enter, buy something, and get this girl one step closer to meeting up with me- I mean RWA Nationals- in Nashville!