Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pet Projects

WILL & MAGGIE (Completed and being considered by several agents)

The summer before her senior year, Maggie Young moves in with her aunt in rural Tennessee to start over with a clean slate. Her mom’s efforts to hide the family’s dirty secret from her may have been hopeless from the beginning, as Maggie uncovers dark truths about herself through traces of history left behind on the farm. There’s danger deeply rooted in her DNA. At first, falling in love and inadvertently creating a precarious love triangle just seems to complicate things. But obsession is a powerful force and may have far more to do with the threat against her life than she realizes.

REM (In progress)

Teenagers across the country are playing with a new over-the-counter sleep aid, a totally legal high that can create lucid dreams. When Justin Thomas and his friends give it a test drive, Justin meets the girl of his dreams, literally. The more he takes of the drug, the stronger his dreams about Angie become. The FDA yanks the medication from the market when accidents involving sleepwalking users begin to pile up—just as Justin gets a major hint that Angie is more than just a figment of his imagination. His desperation to get to her attracts the attention of his parents, the police and someone far more dangerous. Someone has found a way to follow him into his subconscious mind and is using Angie as bait.


Kasey Marks is a popular teenager with good grades, a hot boyfriend, and a flat chest. Come hell or high water, she’s determined to make her life more… fulfilling. But raising $5,000 is no easy task for a seventeen year old, as she quickly discovers while riding the bus every day and working the drive-thru window at the Dairy Queen. Her Saline Solution becomes a school-wide phenomenon and the donations are rolling in. Not all the buzz is good, however, as Kasey quickly learns when her parents are notified by concerned staff members at Big Sky High School. Her boyfriend has had enough and even her best friend is starting to see things differently. Sometimes changes need to be made below the surface instead of just under the muscle tissue.


She doesn’t know her name, her age, or the color of her eyes when she wakes up in The Facility but she’s not alone. A mass awakening is happening around her as dozens of gifted children are discovering independent thinking after years of careful control. They are the few that were selected for their talents and allowed to live in the darkness that has washed over the world. Unaware of what they’ve created, the administrators have built a student body that can outnumber and outsmart them. It’s time for the uprising.